| FTBL Just bought some Ole Miss tickets...



...in section N8, north endozone corner. I'm just curious if anyone here has sat in or near that section, and what they thought about the seats. Thanks, RTR!!
Sat there for the WKU game and a few from last year. I liked the section (or any N section). Seemed to also have a good breeze come thru that section all thru the game. You'll be just below the jumbotron.
Seats should be decent. I have season tix on the back row of N3 right dead center of the goal post lower level and the seats are great! So enjoy will be ROLLIN THAT TIDE ON with you.
RollTideinGA said:
weezyfbaby00 said:
Thanks dude. My BDS record is 0-2, and I'm 2-0 at away games. Hopefully I can improve. :shock:

Uh, dont you have something else to do that weekend? :wink:

Goto the LSU/ Bama game. :D

BTW- My seats are in Sec B, 15 rows up.

Seriously, if we don't win, I'm going to take a year off from Bryant Denny. Two years ago it was Miss St, last year ULM. Thanks for the help guys, RTR!
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