| FTBL Jerrell Harris clip. All I can say is, OUCH

Nice tackle. He flys around the field.

I love seeing all the Bama haters comments....seems The University of Alabama will never do anything to put a good football team on the field. Recruiting some of the nations best talents wont help....just ask an Aubrun fan. We also all think Saban is the reincarnation of the Bear. Both of those are laughable.

Having someone hate on you, usually means you are doing something right.
That hit by Jerrell was against my Etowah Blue Devils. I was actually at that game and witnessed that hit. It was brutal. Harris was never touched on that kickoff, and the poor kid returning the ball came out slow because he thought the kick was in the endzone. As hard as that hit is, it wasn't near as bad as two plays later when Harris hit Etowah's QB in the endzone. The QB stood in the pocket and took the hit while completing the pass, but he paid the price. After Harris hit him and got up, he was the first person to motion to the Etowah medical staff to come check on the QB. A lot of people got a little pissed about it because they thought Harris was trying to be cute, but he was seriously concerned about the kid.

I could go on and on about the speed Harris has, but words can't really explain it. The good thing is, we'll all get to see it this fall. :p
runswithscissors said:
can't wait to see something orange and blue on the receiving end of JH's hit.

Roll Tide Rev said:

It's like a blast from the past seeing you two post, I actually had to check when this thread was made. You two should post more often!! ;tr
A friend of mine at work's nephew is an RB for Oxford High School. When Oxford and Gadsden played, his nephew got hit by Harris so hard that it almost knocked him out. My friend (Randy) said that he was one of the fastest kids he'd ever seen. Jerrell came over and helped his nephew up and asked if he was okay. Can't wait to see this beast in Crimson.
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