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Who will win the Iron Bowl?

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Alabama will win because Auburn will play like they did against Georgia and I think we play like we did against Tennessee. I think the team plays lights out, we have nothing else to play for and will accomplish a meaniless bowl win or lose, I think Bama is ready to shut the Barn up.


The real poll question should be "has the team quit"? I haven't quit as a fan, but I have nothing to do with the actual outcome.


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I think whoever is winning at half time will win. Neither team has the skill nor determination in the second half to overcome a deficit.
@@@@@@@@ TIDE


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I picked Auburn just because I really feel like this team has just given up. JP hasn't been the same since he fumbled on the 3 yard line against LSU. I don't think he got over it and the team as a whole just keeps falling further and further. If they beat Auburn, I will be (pleasantly) surprised. But I'm not banking on it.


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It would seem that the stars have lined up for this one.

We've got all the motivation that we could ever need. Five years of humiliation. Five years of losses. We've been humiliated for the last two weeks. Players are emotional, but I can only imagine that Saban is doing his best to focus all of the emotion. I truly believe, with all my heart, this is OUR year.

Alabama Football is not what it once was, but Saturday night, it can redeem itself. A win on Saturday doesn't erase the MSU or ULM, but it does redeem a team in search of an Identity.

The theme is Redemption.

This is Alabama football.


Unfortunately, I think Auburn will win their #6.

I think it comes down to one thing... they can pass-rush and we can't. Both offenses go the way of their QB, and both respond poorly to pressure. Auburn can bring the pressure and we cannot.

I hope I'm wrong.
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