| MBB/WBB Interactive bracket on % chance to win the tournament. Bama with 16% just under Houston


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Houston only played 7 yesterday, with no Sasser due to a strained/pulled groin that happened early in the Saturday semifinal. His availability will determine just how far they go. A groin strain/pull is no joke and is painful as hell to play with. I did it my Senior year of HS. I had to be wrapped and taped for over half the season. It limited any cutting ability and will make Sasser a liability on defense.


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Bamahas ...this mental toughness...they dont seem rattled...keep working...keep shooting...keep playing D...

But with bball...somebody may just get hot and cant be beat...
Like Oklahoma. Stupid of Vitale to say Bama couldn't compete in the Big 12 because they lost to them by 22 points. Hell, if Oklahoma shot every game like they did against Bama they would be undefeated and could compete in the NBA.


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Here one from SportsLine! Bama at 14.2% Houston at 11.1%.


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You're beginning to habitually open the door for some sardonic comments. This makes twice, in the last 24, that I'm turning my head from the sarcastic side God has blessed me with. @It Takes Eleven took up the slack yesterday. My work ethic can't allow this to continue.
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