| FTBL I think if anything, time has caused some memory lapses..

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Re: I think if anything, time has caused some memory lapses.

porkchop said:
...for the Western Carolina crew. They had high praise for UGA while BAMA seems to be almost an afterthought. The stats don't jibe with what these guys are saying though.

I guess people remember what you've done for them (or to them) lately I guess?


Bulletin board material anyone?

I really hope the team doesn't start comparing numbers. Once that happens, they'll find themselves getting beat.


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The Catamounts. Geez. Shut up and go lose a bunch more games. I hope at the end of the season the can release a full report as to which team did the best job kicking the crap out of them.

Damn, that pisses me off. :evil:
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