| OT I suspected there was something wrong with all you folks infatuated with a truck stop.


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Buccees is a cool tourist trap. Being based out of Texas, their brisket sandwich is pretty good, considering most people outside of Texas, and even in Texas can't cook it worth a crap.

I view Buccees like I do Niagra Falls, Canada or Mount Rushmore in SD. You go, you see, that's it. Lets go.

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There is a new one on 65 just below Athens, opened back in December I believe. A one time visit is plenty for just about anyone. They do not allow semi's on the lot, have very clean restrooms and you can get suckered into buying about anything you want/need.


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Buc-eyes isn’t a truckstop from what I’ve been told, It’s a giant car stop. I haven’t been to the one in Auburn yet. I have a friend who laid out of work to go to it when it open though .

My daughters husband is in the Air Force and they live in Tampa and haft to stop at one of them buc-eyes on the way to visit us.


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...and this isn't a Kleenex, but.

If trucks aren’t allowed, it’s not a truck stop.

The Auburn location was built because land was available (and hotel availability is limited so most people drive to/from games). If land is available on the Birmingham side of Tuscaloosa, expect a Buccees in the future.


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For a gas station/convenience store thing they are a cut above the others around in a lot of ways. But it isn't something you should be driving any distance to go to. I have to go to Auburn next week for my oldest pup to get his yearly tests at their teaching hospital before they will refill his meds. We might drop by since we usually have a couple of hours to waste while they test him, will need to get something to eat, and it isn't that far away anyway. But otherwise I might never visit it.

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The auburn graphic is silly, but most all school graphics these days are. As for Bucees, hate on it, but if you're on a long trip it's a much nicer place to stop than a BP or a MAPCO where the card reader doesn't work or the pumps are on a flow rate of 1.5 gallons a minute. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with their Texas Cheesesteak Burritos or the Texas style chicken fingers.


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hit on Saturday leaving the bike show in Moody. Couldn’t get out fast enough. But my son loves them. They had 2 cops manually controlling the traffic lights where you turn in. It was that busy.
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