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I been read and hearing everyone say that Saban will win anywhere from 8-10 games this year. My question is if we would have hept Shula I think we could have won 8 games and 10 If real lucky and his dumb coaching not cost us. Don't get me wrong I really want Shula to win at Alabama but getting rid of him I think is the best thing Alabama has done in a long time. I just think with out his dumb coaching and game management that has cost us so many wins in the past that maybe we cam turn the corner and start winning more of the close games and beat some of the weaker teams by more points so I say 10 wins is a realstic goal and maybe a trip to Alanta


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8 would probly be the max with loses to tenn, lsu geo, aub, almost without a doubt and ark and fl st up in the air plus he could lose to any of the miss teams ans vandy


Not sure about the rest of you guys but I really think Shula was turning the corner and would have had Bama is GREAT shape this coming year!!! 8)

WHo really cares Shula isnt here anymore!!!! :wink:


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The hypothetical is moot. The more relevant question to ask is, "Would Shula have the program heading in a positive direction and at what rate of progress?"

I think we all know the answer to that and most of us are pretty thankful for the opportunity to have Saban at the helm. I don't think his goals for this project can be determined in next season's record, but by a culmination of on-field competitiveness and execution, the academic achievement of his players, overall recruiting success and the establishment of of a system that is followed to letter throughout the organization.

I think he's made that pretty clear. Shula never did make his goals clear and therefore failed to gain the confidence of his players and the fans.


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I agree that this season is not going to make or break Saban but can we as a Football School keep going backards every 2 or 3 years waiting for the one year like in 2005


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I still smell something fishy. Two posts about the same thing and suggesting that we won't keep Saban around for very long? I could be way off base, but I still smell a troll. :?


I think Saban and staff will be doing an outstanding job to win 8 or more in 07;
8 has my hopes up,
more would make me real happy,
but I don't expect to see more than 8.

The 10 win 05 season for Shula was
smoke and mirrors;
or should I say,
Kines and D.

D talent has graduated big time in 05 and 06,
and little appeared to be done a developing replacements.

After the first 5 games in 05, our O forgot how to score.

Coach O exposed our o-line in the Ole Miss game and everyone since has rode the train.
Shula just edged out Coach O in 05 and 06, with D.
D gone, Coach O had Shulas number;
Shula would have lost to Ole Miss in 07.

We couldn't score an offensive TD against utk, Miss St, LSU or the Barn in 05;
Couldn't score or beat any of them with lame O in 06;
Shula would not have won any of them in 07.

My opinion is Shula would have been lucky to win 4 in 07,
and may not have recorded even 1 SEC win.



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Shula had one winning season in 4 tries, and that year he still couldn't win the west. He was 1-11 against Alabama's top rivals. What the hell makes anyone think that he could coach us to victorious days in the future? Players never got better thru the season, they got worse. The offense always got worse. And the D always melted in times of distress. Special teams was a joke for four years in the kicking department. Enough said about freakin Mike Shula. That bon of a sitch is gone and will never return to Tuscaloosa for any reason. He didn't even want to be here. If he did he would have made some changes to his staff. It's over. Nick Saban is here, and regardless of what happens this year, within four years we will have a national championsip. So everybody take a deep breathe and soak up the sun. The weather is great and the signs are promising. (che)
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