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I would like to hear you thoughts one how we can beat the gators.

I think control the ball and keep them off the field. Play solid smash mouth football; control the line on both sides. I think playing a bandit to cover Tebow on defense might work. The only games I’ve seen of the gators all have been blow outs. Seems there special teams is very good, and love to block punts or that’s what it looked to me during the UK game.

Do we blitz, play combo coverage, or man to man. How big will special teams be during this game I think it will be huge! I’m so sick and tried of hearing how great the Gators are and we are just going to be pounded by 200 points.

I know the gators are a good team, but there are not unbeatable! What are your thoughts?
I'm thinking like you. I think our strategy should and will be long methodical drives by our offense. We need to keep their very dangerous offense off of the field as much as possible.
Florida's biggest weakness is depth on the defensive line. Bama needs to establish the run and keep Tim Tebow and company off the field. That is their best chance at winning the game. I don't think that Florida will handle Alabama in any way. I expect a close, hard-fought game somewhere in the 31-28 region.
Hold onto the football and whip them up front on the line of scrimmage (both sides). Introduce them a physical brand of football that they haven't yet seen, and don't want to see again.
Porter said:
Hold onto the football and whip them up front on the line of scrimmage (both sides). Introduce them a physical brand of football that they haven't yet seen, and don't want to see again.

Took the words out of my mouth! BTW:What's up with Super Tebow? :roll:
i think BAMAs DL is the key to this game. If Cody and the others can get penetration and disrupt the pocket and open up holes for blitzing linebackers, Tebow wont have time to pick us apart.

so I guess that also means I prefer man-to-man and blitzs.
I'm not a coach and don't claim to be, so my opinions are just that.

The ONLY TEAM to play smash mouth football against UF and not lay down like a cheap hooker...was OLE MISS!

The Rebs gave it to Tebow and gave it to the UF offensive line. When UF needed a first down, Ole Miss DESTROYED the UF line.

Urban has an ego as big as Alaska! His ego makes Saban look like a shy school boy.

I'm not going to make a score prediction and I honestly have NO IDEA how the flow of the game will be, but if Florida is FORCED to play smash mouth football...they will lose!!

Florida has far more to prove. They need to look good against Alabama to make it to the title game. All 'Bama has to do...is win by one. Remember that fact! It "COULD" play a part in the mental aspect of the game.

UF is the favorite and I hope they buy it. Take the bait...it's what you do best.

BD91 said:
any news on Percy Harvin is he going to be able to play or what. Control the clock and Blitz the hell out of them.

Last I heard was he came out of their locker room with a cast and crutches. It doesn't sound good, but I hope he's able to play because I want Florida at its best
I look at video of Florida gashing opposing defenses and there is just horrible tackling and miss assignments. I don't think Florida has seen a defense anywhere near the kind of discipline Alabama instills. That's going to be the key.
Florida Gators

Well we can finally talk about them. What's your guys opinions? Keys to winning? How do we match up?

I think as long as we don't make any mistakes and play like we have been we'll win it. Fla has had a lot of gift wrapped games. I don't think they scores more than 30. I believe we can stop their dives they like to run too. The main thing we have going for us in my opinion is we are very disciplined. Fla often gains big yards when they make a team bite on one play only to switch it up and give it too a different player. If we can hit Tebow hard he will falter. We also need to keep them from getting in space. If they don't have space their speed wont matter. Come out and pop them in the mouth and make them play our football.
I see all the stats being posted all over the boards on how we match up, but I havn't seen anyone break it down on how we match postion for postion. I think that will tell us more that stats
I'm sure everyone will say our defense is the key to the game, but I will disagree. If we win this game, it will be because of our offense. I don't mean by scoring a lot of points either. Our offense will need to sustain drives and keep our defense off the field. I'm normally not big on time of possession, but if we can win the TOP battle and average over 4 yards a carry, I say we win this game with ease. If we give up some turnovers and let UF get a few scores, we may get in trouble.

I'll end by saying this. Nothing I've seen this year leads me to believe we can't run on UF and hold them under 24 points. That doesn't mean I predict a win, I'm just saying that UF isn't unbeatable.
Didn't Ole Miss make the gators turn the ball over like 4 or 5 times too.

I too believe that it's up to our OL to make long, tough, and timely drives down the field. Our DL has got to mash a pretty boy too!

Going to hell of game, it is IMHO the NCG game. I will say it's my opinion who ever wins this will win the title game.
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