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I don't know about anyone else in this forum, but I hope the pre-season rankings were harshly slanted against Clemson. I'm banking on the hope that Clemson wasn't given the number 9 spot, but rather they were placed lower in favor of a less deserving team. I absolutely hope that Clemson goes all the way in their conference. After all, isn't part of football fandom being able to look back after a long season and say: "Yeah, those guys are definitely a team to reckon with. Wasn't it great that we were the ones to put them in their place?"

As a lifelong fan, and recent graduate of UA, I was at times disappointed and disgusted at what I saw on the field. Through all that strife I learned to do one thing very well. It was to hope.

Maybe the beer on Saturday caused a chemical reaction in my body, because any hope I had about us beating Clemson transformed into an accelerated rush of endorphins and pure, unadulterated pride. Bama demonstrated to a nation of doubters (except for the Crimson Faithful) what they are capable of doing. Our team showed a nation of folks how to "dominate" a national championship contender.

It is a sweet time to be an Alabama fan, or at least I'll continue to hope that it will be. But then again, win or lose, it always is.

By the way, I'm new to the forum. It's nice to meet all of you.

Welcome aboard!

I tend to agree with everything you said here. Although, with that said, give me an hour or two to search throughout my mind and heart to see if I can find any shred of evidence of "giving a damn" about any team in the ACC.

Seriously, good post. Personally, I want to see an upstart team like Ga. Tech give this conference fits because that can't stop the foundation of good college football: the ability to run the football.
Great first post there, and welcome to the site new kid. :)

As far as Clemson goes, I have to say that I don't think they deserved their ranking. Clemson has
top-10 talent, but they're not a top-10 team. Davis and Spiller are as good as anyone, and you could do worse than Cullen Harper, but they're not a top-10 team due to the offensive line and the coaching staff IMHO.

Spiller, Davis and all the skill talent in the world won't do you a bit of good if (1) the line can't block anyone, and (2) the coach doesn't utilize the weapons he has.

Having said all that, I do hope they finish well because it reflects positively on us in the end. So, yeah, I'm pulling for them in a sense, but unless they get some things worked out, it could be another very mediocre season for them.

Unfortunately, I think Clemson was overated again and we simply exposed them. A poor O-line cannot be overcome by talented skill players. I don't see them shoring it up much during the season and doubt they will win their own, albeit weak, conference.

It sure was nice to kick their butts in front of a national audience though!
Welcome, Nice post. I believe as long as Clemson runs with Spiller they will be ok. They got off their game early and are lucky it wasn't worse than what it was. If a team dictates the game early more than often they will win. Talent can only get you so far. As chop has said before Clemson was out coached and our players out preformed. All aspects clicked for us out the gate. This gives me a lot of hope this season.
I think Clemson is in for a mediocre year. I look for them to continue stumbling to start the year. Then they will bounce back and finish strong. The AD at CU will have to make another tough decision after the year.
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