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...check us out on bleacherreport.com when you have a couple of extra minutes during the day. Some of the material that we put on B/R is different than what is posted here on our front page or in our forums. Comments to the rolltidebama.com articles are highly appreciated. The more comments we get the more exposure we get for the site.

On a related note, many of you may not know this, but our very own TerryP has an article that was taken from B/R and posted on FoxSports.com college football page. Yeah, THAT Fox Sports. :)

All of this is big news for the site and the members here. We'll continue to try and hammer out partnerships so that rolltidebama.com can continue to grown and improve, but it's ultimately you the member that makes the site what it is. We could certainly use your help in promoting us on bleacherreport.com.

Don't forget about the new blog on www.rolltidebama.com/blog either. We've revamped the blog and have a nice, new, crisp look.


We have some talented people here on the site and we encourage all of you interested in writing to PM us and let us know if you'd like to contribute something to the blog. I know that a couple of members like Big_Fan have already expressed interest in this. Anyone interested just let us know.
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