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Hey gang, don't forget about all of the other "stuff" that football season brings here on RollTideBama.com. The usual suspects know all about this stuff so this is geared more towards the new kids that have joined the site. For those that don't know already, we do a number of contests here on the site during football and basketball season.

The biggest ones (in terms of sheer numbers) are the site pick'ems. We hold two during football season and one during basketball season.

NCAA/NFL Pick'em contest

If you look to the top of the page, just beneath the site banner you'll notice a fantasy sports link. Currently it still has last season's data on it and has not been reset. In that link are two seperate rooms, one for the college games and one for the Pro football games. It's a point-based system and we always award prizes at the end of the season to the winners. Like last season we'll start things off with an NCAA blowout that will probably include 25-30 games for week one. We'll also include a Bowl Game and NFL Playoff game this year.

BAMA Pick'em Contest

Normally every year on the football forum we have a BAMA weekly pick'em as well. This is usually more of a prediction contest than a pick'em. The games normally include all SEC games for the week.

BAMA basketball pick'em

Just like the pick'em on the football forum.

The TideCast

RollTideBama.com is fortunate enough to have a "partnership" of sorts with the guys at the TideCast. You may have seen them on on some of the other BAMA sites out there, including one of the premium sites. They normally do a weekly show during football and basketball season and routinely feature guests like Eli Gold and John Hannah.

Along with the more well-known guests the program encourages the "average joe" to call in and provide input as well. A number of the members here on RTB.com have appeared on the TideCast in the past.

It's a great service and it's FREE. Take advantage of it.

Tapes and DVDs

Don't forget about the tape and DVD listings on our Tape and Gaming Forum. We have several providers here on site that sell high quality BAMA football and basketball games as well as old Coach Bryant shows. You can't beat the deals we offer either. Some of our providers charge in the range of $10 for a DVD and $6 for a VHS tape, while others only require that you send them a replacement DVD/VHS so that they can keep the supply going in and out smoothly.

Fantasy Football Leagues

The site already hosts a pay league and a Yahoo free league every year. Although both are currently filled we encourage anyone interested to form another and advertize so that members of the site can play if interested. We currently do NOT have an NCAA Football fantasy league set up, though we've done them in the past. Anyone interested in setting one up only needs to advertize it.

All in all there should be a lot going on this football season and we encourage everyone to join in and have some fun. Feel free to private message a staff member with any questions you may have.
If we get enough interest I'll set you guys up another Fantasy Football League. There is also the option of a College one on CBS Sportsline. :D
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