| FTBL Heisman, Who is yours so far?



I'm sitting here in iraq being bored watching the bears and falcons and my roommate asks me to post this so who is your pick........
definitely not knowshow moreno...

I would its the year of the QB - SEC or Big-12 (Stafford, Tebow, Daniels, McCoy, or Bradford).

I think McCoy will end up getting it if he continues doing what he does. Stafford will get it next year if he continues his progression.


I'm bias
Other than the unwritten rule that "THE BEST PLAYER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL" can't play on defense, why not Mt. Cody?

He has drawn more double teams than any Receiver in the country. It can be argued that he has made every player around him better, more so than any other player. He is head and shoulders the best at his position...which other player is "the Michael Jordan" of his position more than Cody is at his?

(By the way, being bored in Baghdad means that you are having a better day than any of us on this forum. Thanks for taking your turn "in the barrel".)
At this point, I gotta give it to Colt McCoy...he's looked the most solid and he can and does get it done both through the air and on the ground.

As soon as Texas loses, I'm sure another candidate will take the lead...but as for now...I'm goin' with McCoy
McCoy is it right now. His next three games will settle a lot about his Heisman chances as well as the NC.

10/18 7:00p ABC Missouri
10/25 2:30p ABC Oklahoma State
11/01 at Texas Tech
I would pick Ringer, but he's kind of an unknown even though he does play at Michigan State. I think Colt McCoy will win. I mean that's a pretty solid All-American sounding name.
RussB said:
I think he kind of looks like a punk. I mean seriously, who has to put on a backwards baseball hat between like every series?

If that were true Tony Romo wouldn't be looked upon as a sissy. I think he's trying to change that by playing with a broken pinkie.
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