| FTBL Have you ever left a losing game early?

ever left a losing game early??

  • YES--midway thru 4th qtr...(did the math excuse)

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  • YES--mere minutes left...(beat some traffic excuse)

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  • NO!!!!!--not even with a gun to my head

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I don't ever turn the TV off when we are LO****.
So if I do go to a game. I'm there till it over. If these guys can play a game for 60min. I can stay the whole game.
I left the 1997 Arkansas game early...we lost the game, but I think we were actually ahead when we left. We left because it was 376 degrees and we were facing the sun. My wife and son were so miserable that they could no longer sit in the stands, and I got the worst sunburn I have ever had in my life. It literally hurt for 2 weeks.

That game is why I hate early season day games. It was so hot that day...I don't recall ever being that miserable.

2000 Auburn in BDS. I left at halftime because I was soaking wet, it was starting to rain again (as in freezing rain) and I wasn't prepared for that weather.

Watched the 2nd half from home...only a mile or so away at that time.

I'm telling ya...even swigs from the bottle I had with me didn't take the chill off...for a moment.

Same year, but at the end of the '99 season...in OT, I couldn't watch Phlugner miss the kick in OT...just knew it was going to happen...went to the concourse and just listened...not the same thing, but close enough to mention.
yep. several years ago, don't remember the game but dad and i left early only to find that we were blocked in and had to wait until the end of the game to leave anyway.just sitting in the car listening to the rest of the game on the radio. it sucked but taught us a lesson!
edited to admitt that we left because we were loosing :oops:
I was in the Auburn student section for the '05 Iron Bowl and bailed at the beginning of the fourth. I had seen enough sacks.

Looking to avoid similar misery last year, I sold my ticket for a cool $250.
I've only been to one game we lost and that was the N. Illinois game, and it was kind of tight so I hung around. I did turn off the Carolina game in '04 because it became obvious that Shula quit on that one. To this day, that is the worst football game I've ever seen is play.
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