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That was one hell of a game Sat night.

I have no clue how LSU won this game. 3 turnovers and 14 penalty's. wow that is flat out sad.

I just wanted to say i have had a great time coming over here and chating with you guys. Its been great. i will prob stick around for a while
Yeah, that was a hell of a game. I watched it in N.O. at my house, and I had two Bama fans and an Ole Miss grad with me all pulling against the Tigers. It was quite an evening.

Next year--see ya in Baton Rouge!
Hey parrot, been a while. Thanks guys, and LSU deserved it as much as we did. The Bengals made the tough plays down the stretch and we didn't.

Yeah, that last play with the sack and fumble of Wilson was a miracle for the Tigers--I don't know if I could have taken another overtime game after the Kentucky 3 OT game. And I'm sure Bama would have had LSU playing in the Student Section endzone...
That is one thing i give you guys on this site. most of yall def have class. now i wish i could say that about LSU fans but i can't. They are pretty bad.
porkchop said:
jj you and parrot have been around here some and are always welcome. So I guess not all LSU fans are classless. Only about 97% of them. :D :wink:

PC, I seem to recall imatigerfan being rather objective and showing some class. LSUstudent eventually stopped spewing biased rhetoric and made some good points as well. Maybe that would drop it down to about 95.5% or so. :wink:
I also would like to say what a great game it was. I made my first trip to to your stadium and was very impressed. The quad was a lot of fun. I watched the band make its way into the stadium. That made me so fired up, it was great.

For the most part, the fans were good and the stadium got pretty loud. Heard a few stories, but my experience was great.

Good luck to all of you and your team in the future. I would love to come back to Tuscaloosa in two years. Hopefully, the talk will just be about the teams.
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