| FTBL Great article on Andre Smith (ESPN.com)

Andre' has said very early on in his time at Bama it was his plan to leave after his Jr. year.

I don't know how his fall schedule worked out or how it'll work out for him in the spring...but, I do know he was on pace to graduate in 3-3.5 yrs this summer.

Take the money and run is my hope for him as much as I'd like to see him back next year as well. But, that is coming from the selfish side of my fandom.

Then again, the thought of a guy like Fluker playing LT (you can replace his name with a few others and my opinion doesn't change) makes me look forward to the future.
I can't see him staying around after this fall. The possibilities of coming back and getting hurt at this level are too great. I cringed when he went down earlier this season. I wish him a healthy remainder to the season and good luck next year in the NFL. He will be dominant at that level too.
Tedford said:
I hope saban can talk him into staying.

If it is in his best interest to go, and at this point it is, then Saban will tell him so and wish him well. Shula probably would have begged him to stay though.

The writing is on the wall though. Saban knows that this was/is expected to be Andre's last season. That is why he is going after guys like Fluker, Siddoway, and Massie in this year's recruiting class. Throw in Tyler Love, and you have 4 more studs ready to take the crown of BAMA's next great tackle(s).
bammer1684 said:
Good read, and really good guy. What is everyone's opinion about Smith maybe coming back next year?

Personally, I don't give a crap about the NFL and only care about Bama. However, the NFL is where the money is and I don't think Andre has anything else to prove. If I were he or he was my son, I would advise him to enter the draft. Good luck to him whatever he decides.
I think the minor injuries Andre has suffered this season pretty much sealed the deal that he is gone. I know that it would have for me.

On the positive, while it is impossible to say that we will replace an All-American first round tackle with someone just as good, I don't think we will be in another episode where our OL is "Cappsized." We will be ok...maybe not AS GOOD, but still good. Andre is a rare catch, but we have some good'uns waiting in the wings.
It has definatly been a privilege to watch him play during his time at Bama. The selfish part of me hopes that he decides to stay, but if I were him I'd be gone. I wish him luck when he does go.
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