| FTBL Got to meet Coach Stallings today

Thats cool. One of my friends actually sat right next to him on his flight home from Corpus Christi a couple weeks ago. He claims not to know who he was at first until some people in line in front of him told him it was "Bama's old coach"....neeldess to say, he's a Miss St. alumni.
I have an 8X10 of Coach Stallings when he was at Alabama I got it through the sports department here at the paper. I've been thinking about sending it to him to see if he'd autograph it.
I'm planning on goingto a speaking engamement he is doing later in the year here. I'm hoping they allow an autograph session afterwards. I have a 92 champs poster that already autographed by Barker, Teague, Palmer and Wimbly. I'd love to have Coach Stallings sign it as well.
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