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Is it just me, or is Dan Fouts ..THE WORST.... commentator in the history of college football?

Are you guys watching that COL/FSU game?

It's horrid. I cannot even stand to listen to him.


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He's just terrible.

Like when the Colorado Qb throws the ball for a completion he'll say something like, "Hawkins............................".

"Back in 1972 my favorite color was blue"

"Good run" when the back goes for 99 yards,

"Yeah brother".

"I'm really a robot".

"I like grapes".

"Football is cool.....and......cool......and I played football once..."

"Florida State appeared to call timeout". Are you sure? :shock: Did they really call timeout or is it just a ploy?! Did they call timeout or JUST APPEAR to call timeout? Are they trying to fool us?

When it comes to ad-libbing anything other than the play by play he just totally loses it. He seemingly isn't even human. He'll come up with the stupidest, most off-the-wall things to chime in with when talking aboutplayers, coaches, or whatever.

I just can't stand him. He's the worst.
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