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Which backup will get more carries this season?

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I thought Johns might play some QB but it looks like he won't. He's so good at playing running back, and I'll never forget the special teams play he made last year when he caused the Miss. State guy to fumble. That was the biggest play of the game.


Tough call because (1) Upchurch might be the more talented of the two but Coffee is 3rd on the depth chart, or was. (2) Coffee has an injury to recover from too. Regarding the injury though, the staff has said that he'll be 100% by the start of the season.

I'll just pick one and go with Coffee, but I'd love to see Upchurch get a lot of carries this year.


All I hope is, is that they all stay at 'Bama. They all seem to have a good attitude and the RB spot is up for grabs next year.

I see Upchurch having more carries then Coffee. Mainly because hes a finesse(sp?) back.


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I think Upchurch is more of a Darby type tailback. He is quicker and has more moves than what I have seen in Coffee. Might be more inclined to make big plays. I like Coffee though. I like the big power backs. Maybe everyone will get a lot of carries.
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