| FTBL Georgia leads us big time in this category...

bamaupsman said:
Them - 43 for 356 yards
Us - 16 for 118 yards.

I don't think we'll be able to keep pace with them there.

I'm surprised we even have that many. I think 3 of those came in the 1st drive vs. Clemson. I remember one or two here and there, but seriously....I don't remember one vs. Arkansas even though I know we must have had one.

Question...I know when a kick-off goes out of bounds there is a flag thrown. Does that count as a penalty in the totals above? I do remember one or two of those as well. Point being we have done an excellent job in that category this year. That to me speaks discipline as much as anything.
So are we taking bets on if this trend continues for Georgia... for an SEC game...at home... vs Alabama.

I'd be shocked if it does. This has all the earmarks of a "Let 'em play" type of game.
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