| FTBL Georgia Dome? Rules on cameras?



I was reading the Dome's rules and I noticed that one of them was no "professional" cameras and no cameras with interchangeable lenses. Anyone know if they enforce that rule? I've never been to the Dome before.
Having been to both stadiums (the GA Dome many more times) I will tell you that security getting in there is much more strict than it is at BDS. I wouldn't expect to get in with much more than a P&S, but Doe might be able to tell you better.
I went to the Alabama/FSU game last year in Jacksonville and was almost turned away because of my camera's lense. I pleaded my case with the attendant telling her that I had parked my car in the park and ride and had no way back to my car until the game ended because it was on the other side of the river. It honestly was. She looked around and told me to go ahead but there was a tense moment there. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have put my smaller lense on or at least locked my lense so it would not open up when she inspected it. The rule was the lense could not exceed six inches. Now what does JAX have to do with Atlanta, probably nothing other than both being NFL venues but I would give it a try and have a back up plan. I will add that I have had no problems getting my 300mm lense into Braves games.
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