Georgia vs Alabama is on ESPNU right now.

Might be hard to watch the later plays, but i'm just enjoying seeing crimson on the field and how well we competed that game.

Man i hope Prince gets his shit together, watching this game makes me want Prince and Rolando in the middle of the field all season long :p
I like Prince as well and hope he can make it back but his lack of speed has always concerned me. Good against the run but scares me in pass coverage.

If Kines were still around and we were in the 4-3 I think he'd be a DE by now.
I started to watch it but had to turn it. That game honestly meant a lot more then just football. I could of had one hell of a night if we would of pulled that one out! :(
We watched part of the '06 Bama/UT game yesterday, too. I was calling the plays as our guys were going into motion, and my wife asked, "If you've seen this so many times that you know what's going to happen, why watch it?". I had to chuckle, because it wasn't that I'd seen the replay even once, it was just our motion was such a darn giveaway for the play.


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