Hey gang, I wanted to let everyone know a couple of things;

(1) We've spent the funds donated to the site. Along with my purchases at the commisary and the mailing costs, my wife has been purchasing things like cookie rolls on eBay and mailing them out to the troops. We're spent as of now.

(2) Having said that, my wife plans on continuing this for a while and we purchased some more things from the commisary today to send out. We're footing the bill for this. We purchase 5 single-use tuna packs, along with some more single-use lemonaid drinks and some Little Debby snack boxes.

You may have seen those tuna packs at the grocery store already. They are a little handier then cans and can be opened and eaten on the spot (like canned tuna but you don't need a can opener).

We got more of the lemonaid single-use drinks that can be poured into a cup or canteen. That stuff is pretty handy.

We got the Little Debbies stuff because hey.....who doesn't like those right?! :lol:

Nancy has also packed a shipment of toiletries as well. We'll be paying for this with our own money so no one need to worry about that.

We're gonna foot the bill for a while. The only thing I would like to request is letters to send these people. If you can PM me something soon I'd appreciate it.

Make the letters of encouragement out to either Armstrong or the guys in Delta Company.

Thanks gang.
Hey chop just got through paying for my school for next two sessions. Let me know if y,all are still taking donations as I will be able to provide some fundage soon
I was thinking about asking my sons teacher if they would be willing to write letters, gonna ask and see.
We'll still take donations KC, but I'm not going to ask or advertize any more for them because I don't want to push people on the site. They've done their part so we can maybe hold off this again until later in the year (around Christmas).

But yeah, if you want to donate something still then just check the Veterans Forum where I have a post stickied. The info is in there.
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