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Has anyone received their FSU tickets? The game is only in a few weeks and I have yet to receive the tickets. I did receive my parking pass, though. Have any of you received your tickets?



Well, I was in Jacksonville this weekend and they're aleady getting ready for us. :)

I'm disappointed because it looks like it won't be as easy to get around (to/from the stadium) as I thought from the downtown and riverfront hotels. :?


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We're staying at the Fairfield Inn on Airport Road, which is supposed to be about 15 miles from the stadium. From looking at the map we should just hope right onto 95 south. Then take 1 South and then get off at the stadium. But, I need to look at my parking pass to see where exactly I'm parking and where we need to exit. I really hope it's not terribly tough to get around down there. That would suck. I'm getting excited, but I want my tickets! It makes me nervous that I don't already have the tickets in my hands!


Waiting on mine as well,No parking pass,I will be arriving by boat but I did reserve dock space on the river. Hope it's nice weather for the game.

Any ideas or predictions on gametime?


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Nope, still no tix. Havent they been saying they would be mailed this week since the season tix were mailed?

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I think UA screwed this deal up. They should have never had the public pre-sale prior to Tide Pride commits. And they should have mailed them before the season. This last minute crap is BS. People need to make plans, and alot of people have not even knowing if they have tickets.

I know, call the ticket office, but you shouldnt have to. They dropped the ball on this one. I wont even attempt to get UA/Clemson tickets from UA. I will just go through the Peach Bowl to get them, quicker and more efficient. :shock: Oh yeah, Tide Prider since 2001. Just aggrivating! :(


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Just got notice from UA

My tickets are on their way. UPS tracking number and everything. Whew. That was the most nerve racking ticket experince ever. But, for under $100, I have two tickets to a big time game. Heard the Gator Bowl rep on Finebaum one day in the summer say that they have never had as many ticket requests as they did for this game. Not any UGA-UF game and the Super Bowl. They expect the largest crowd ever and something like 10-20 people outside the stadium who just want to be there.

Can't wait!

Hopefully some of y'all will start getting the same email.

:) :) :)
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