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Been listening to their sports station in Tally and checking in on them.

In practice notes, I've noticed they have gone deep quite a bit. Not something I've really seen them doing this season, so maybe this is something they might throw in there for Saturday.
RB Antoine Smith has turf toe which is almost recovered now. Still a little slow.
DLs Andre Fluellen and Bud Thatcher are both still hurt. Fluellen has a torn ligaments in his elbow and Thatcher has a dislocated toe. Both were planning on playing with the off week, and both were not able to finish practice yesterday and have not been cleared for the game Saturday. They both are starters. Both are leading tacklers for the DL too. They have some others like Moffett and Boston that are big boys. But thats two important ones that may miss.
TE Graham who had his first and only TD vs. UAB 3 weeks ago, has had hamstring issues and has been out of practice quite a bit. Only at about 80%. He is the only one they have that plays, for the most part.

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yeah but you never know how honest those reports are..... they coudl be saying so and so won't play, then sneak em in and hope the other team isn't prepared.. I was hoping that would be teh case with Mustin against UGA... but it wasn't :(
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