| FTBL FSU Admin isn't happy. “At the end of the day for Florida State to compete nationally, something has to change going forward.”


FSU president Richard McCullough talking about some of the legal challenges facing the NCAA et al: "I think this threatens to take away college football from the fans."

McCullough just compared this all to "watching an airplane crash into a train wreck."

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A domino in the ever-expanding SEC?
Maybe? I don't know if the SEC wants to be a part of that messy scenario. I've read a little about this latest skirmuffle and seeing their AD quote 120 million to exit the conference is one thing: doable in today's age.

How on earth they would negotiate/settle the media rights angle to the box they found themselves in? I can't see how that would work itself out. OU and TX were in unique situations with their TV contracts up for renewal. I believe the MOR with FSU is through 2036. Do SEC member schools want an addition to the conference that wouldn't bring TV monies to the table for a decade?

I've been meaning to check on the PAC's story. From the headlines I've seen their media rights negotiations haven't been going to well.
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