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Who Wins the NC

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I want Ohio State to win, because Florida will be too much of a force in the SEC.

Heck they will be anyway...no matter the outcome. :?


If Florida goes and gets killed, it makes the whole conference look weak. Fair or not, if your conference champion gets thrashed, it makes us all look bad.

For that reason, I'm pulling hard for the Gators.


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I am surprised that some people on here don't realize that the pasting we took in the media over the Saban hire was a lot of northern media bias who thinks if an NFL coach leaves for a program north of the Mason-Dixon, well, that's ok. How dare he take a position with Alabama, of all places?!

I don't like Florida, Urban Meyer or a lot of their fanbase but tonight, it's all about the SEC VS the Big 11, 10 or whatever they call themselves. I guarantee you that the national media will be pulling for OSU.


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if FLorida wins, do you think the boise state peopel will push the fact they are undefeated?? better yet do you think they will get to share with FL, I mean the media absolutly LOVES Boise State.


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I think they would be stupid not to. They have a very strong argument for half the NC, even though i hate that every time the SEC wins one they have to share it. That's the damn flaw in the system i guess. :roll:


Two reasons I want UF to win: 1) they're the SEC rep and 2) I'm tired of the meida's sucking up to the Big 10 (as well as the Pac 10 and Notre Dame).


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I hope that UF beats the ever-living crap out of OSU. I've been to Ohio, and I don't like anything about it (well, except that Neil Young song). I want to see an SEC team win it all because it will only make the SEC and the South look better.
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