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We must improve in finishing out a ballgame before it catches up to us. Did we play down to our opponent tonight or was it symptoms of a hangover or?

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Here's the way I see it.

There were multiple factors into why we only won 17-14.

1. Drive killing turnovers/penalties.
2. Missed Field goal
3. We were facing a good Defense.
4. Bad officiating.

It was just one of those games. Shrug your shoulders, put an X in the Win column and move on. These type of games happen. They just do.

If you are a Bama fan and have not sat on the edge of your seat during a game before...you haven't watched many games!

We won. I am happy. :) Our team has played with a high level of intensity since the season started and our record shows that. I think some our sloppy play and lack of focus this week were symptoms of us just being plain tired. Great point in our season for a bye week and should give us time to get our legs back and work on some things on both sides of the ball, especially our passing game. Coming off a week of rest and two of practice should have us ready for to whip a decent Ole Piss team.

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Fumbles inside the Wildcats' 10 yard line -- Bama's Team's fault. (potentially 14 points lost)

Missed Field Goal -- Bama's Team's fault (3 pts. lost)

Blown coverage to let UK back into the game -- Bama's Team's fault (potentially 7 point saved)

At this point, Bama's Team has accounted for 24 pts swing to the bad. On these points alone, had Bama corrected these items the final could have been 41-7.

This is way I think it makes up look like classless loosers to even mention officiating.

Coach Bryant would never has uttered what is being posted to the world on this site. I recall him saying that if his team ever played in such a way to create a situation where an official missing a call was the deciding factor in a game, then is was his fault (and his teams' fault).
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