| FTBL Do you think Bama has improved since the first game?

Do you think Bama has improved since the first game?

  • No. The team has gotten worse since week 1.

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yes... we simply played down to our oppenent this weekend. but turned it around in the 2nd half. Which I believe says a lot about the team


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Do you think if they went back and played Hawaii again at this point they would beat them worse?
Do you think if Bama played Arkansas again at this point they would win this time?


We have showed more signs of improvement then none.

I will have to say we made good progress in the Florida lost. Then the next week we come out unbelievably flat and we lose that progress.

So from week one we have progress, but maybe not as much on Offense as I like.

The defense comes together whethere it be in the second half or the beggining of the game. They don't worry me, but they scared me with Duke. :lol:


I would have rather seen the the option "team has neither improved or gotten worse" included as an option. I think that's probably a fair statement too.

Overall I personally don't see a huge difference in play from week 1 up until now. If anything the team plays streaky and inconsistant and they've been that way pretty much every game I think.

I guess some of that has to do with youth.


Improvement definitely, despite the floundering around with Duke last weekend we put a powerful team like Arkansas in overtime and until the 4th Quarter played Florida very well. This shows a potential that is there and ready to break out.
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