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App State got a first down at the Michigan five, with around 30 seconds on the clock. They sent the FG unit out immediately and kicked what proved to be the game winner. Couldn't they just have let the clock start and run down then spiked the ball at around 5 or 6 seconds and then kicked the FG? I am very glad that they won anyway, but if the Michigan blocker on the outside had blocked the inside rusher instead of the outside one, they would have made their FG and we wouldn't still be talking about that game.


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The field goal caught everyone by suprise, including Michigan. It did prove that it gave Michigan a chance to come back and win with a f/g. Appy ended up with one of the biggest upsets in sports history, there is no way I could second guess their coach in that one.


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Yep, much that the infamous Cal/Stanford game. If the field goal had been kicked as time expired, there would have been no kick return ending in a td. But hey, congrats to Appy State.


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Too bad "The Play" was an illegal play though...

Appalachian State's coach had confidence and guts to do what he did on first down I thought.

...Which almost bit him.
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