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4,355 student football seats left empty.

Only 85 percent of student section filled so far this season.

According to numbers recently released by the SGA, an average of 15 percent of student tickets go unused each home football game this season. During the last two games against Tulane and Western Kentucky, 4,355 student tickets went to waste.

Additionally, more than 700 students were left on the waiting list of the My Football Ticket system for both of those games.

The SGA and Office of Auxiliary Services created the My Football Ticket system earlier this year. One of the main goals of the system is to boost attendance to games through the ticket pool.

“The My Football Ticket system was created to maximize the number of students in the stands,” SGA President Cason Kirby said. “There are many students missing out that could have the opportunity to attend if those students not attending would donate and transfer their tickets.”

Though some students have donated their tickets, many more do nothing with the ticket and let that seat go to waste. To encourage students to donate, the SGA has provided incentives for those who do, including Nick Saban-signed footballs and bowl game tickets.

SGA Vice President for Student Affairs Louise Crow has worked closely with the program and said she thinks those who don’t give their ticket to a friend or donate it are doing a disservice to the University.

“Had those tickets been donated to [My Football Tickets], more than 4,000 students who’d been dying to go to the game could have been cheering on the Tide,” Crow said.

Kirby said students shouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand to fellow Tide fans since the My Football Tickets system is so easy to use.

“It’s an easy process that allows students to help out other students,” he said. “We really encourage everyone to be the fan you would want to have, and do not let your ticket go unused.”

Students who have tickets and don’t plan to go to the game can donate their tickets to the pool so those who did not get a package can request one on a first-come, first-served basis. All of this is done through the ACTion card Web site using the My Football Tickets tab.

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First come, first serve?


If they leave it as it is, if a student doesn't use his/her tickets (and doesn't donate them) for two games they lose them?
Where is that thread where the petulant freshman tried to lecture us about student tickets and attendance and the need to ENLARGE the current student section?
rammajamma said:
The problem is reserving half the student section for the frats. If you will notice the other half is usually crammed full. I say quit treating the frats and different.

AMEN! Most of them are the ones embarrassing our university by throwing crap out on the field.
TigerBait3 said:
There are empty seats everywhere. I never understand this argument.

True. But, the reason it continually rears its ugly head has to do with who complains about not having seats.

It's Kentucky week...it's a conversation worth as much as islstl's percentages on recruiting commitments.
The new ticket system is to blam i think. If you had a actual ticket you could sell it or give it away right before the game. Now that its on our ACTcards its hard to transfer right before the game.
One a differnet note. Since they do keep track of it now if there are empty seat at say start of the second they should open it to anyone with a student ID....
JacobGibson05 said:
The new ticket system is to blam i think.
I agree, and LSU did the same thing a few years ago too. It is too much of a pain to get it transferred.

People have to remember that students do not view the game as a great opportunity. The ticket doesn't mean as much because not all of them paid for it. It has always happened and it always will. But there are lots of millionaires that sit on season tickets and show up once every five years as well.
Personally, I think it should be 1st come 1st serve for the students tics. Student ID gets you in the gate until the student section is full.
That would just cause us to have to be there 3 hours before the game starts. It is first come first serve when it comes to buying the tickets... If you have a ticket you can get there right before the game starts... you may not have a good seat but atleast you can still get in.

And yeah i believe the student section will be full tommorrow. Ill be there for sure :p
JacobGibson05 said:
One of the benefits of paying $20,000 a year to go to school here is being able not to have to "drive here" to go to games and other activies.....

The problem is, plenty of other kids also pay 20,000 bucks to go to school there and aren't able to get into the game, yet 15% of the students with tickets don't even show up.

First come, first serve. I'm betting that some of those kids that couldn't get tickets would gladly wait 3 hours to get into a game.
JacobGibson05 said:
One of the benefits of paying $20,000 a year to go to school here is being able not to have to "drive here" to go to games and other activies.....

And what do you pay per ticket?

On a different subject, if it is a digital system, it seems if you donated your ticket it would become immediately available.

Is that not the case?
I beleive part of the problem is that the students don't realize how easy they have it. Truly, there isn't a bad seat in the house when you stand up the entire time anyway. I can recall that basketball seating used to be first come first serve. If you want in bad enough you'll get your tail over there. There will be plenty of time for drinking after the game so why get trashed, make an ass out of yourself, get sick, puke, pass out, get carried back to your dorm room or apartment, and then have someone tell you about the game on Sunday. I never have quite understood that concept.
$5 a ticket. yet another benefit of being a student.
If you dont have a ticket you can get put on a "waiting list" if someone donates thier ticket and your first on the list you get it. But if noone donates their tickets and just dont go to the game, the tickets are not used....
I don't think its fair that I'm a transferring junior and can't buy away tickets, but I'll still go to the game tomorrow and support the Tide. I think the problem with the student tickets is that some students look to turn and make a profit off of their ticket when they could careless about the game. That's why they went to a paperless system. I'm not exactly for losing my tickets for two games because I can't attend one game. I would be tempted just to go swipe in then walk back out and go sit in my family's Tide Pride seats.
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