| FTBL Cow College vs Laser Razors

I think the Hogs have a shot for the simple fact they have structure. Granted they are playing like garbage; they do have structure.

Casey Dick is not great, but he is better than he looked against us. I thought he did a nice job getting the backs involved with the short pass. Even though we destroyed them, the Hogs did move the ball in the first half.

I think if the Hogs can establish the run, and the short passing game with the backs and tight end...they will be okay on offense. They need to stay ahead of the sticks. 2nd and 5 is your friend!!

If the BARN has to punt on the first series, the fans will start with the boo birds! If Arkansas can have a steady offense and turn the crowd AGAINST AUBURN, then the Hogs have a shot.

Not to sound stupid or typical but this could either be a low scoring Hogs win, or the Barn could blow them out!!

This game is more about what Auburn is going to do, than what the Hogs are gonna do. The pressure is 100% on Auburn.

Having said that...I like the Hogs in a close one. However...I'm also prepared for Aubie to score 35 on them.

It comes down to pride and hunger. All Arkansas needs to do is show up. Auburn is the team who has everything to prove...and also everything to lose.

tidenumber1 said:
The problem I see with the hogs is not offense. Their defense looks terrible.

True, but the BARN is not Oklahoma on offense either.
Auburn stops themselves more times on offense than any defense could ever do.

Something around 10-14 points "MIGHT" be all the Hogs need?

Too much turmoil down on the plains. No way they get it together enough by Saturday to have a complete game. I think Arkansas gets their passing attack going enough to win.

Arkansas - 17
Auburn - 10
Lazer Razors. :lol:

"I want freaking razorback hogs with freaking lazers on their freaking heads".

I would love to see the Hogs pull this one out but I just don't see it unless Dick has one monumental game.

Regardless of what Tubbs says, AU is going to line up in the Ace/I formation and run it right down Arky's throats. That doesn't bode well for a team that has no run defense and can't tackle.

Auburn 31
Hogs 13
Bama1966 said:
Arkansas does not have a chance. 24-0

Every team has a chance, that's why they take the field.

Appy State had "no chance" against Michigan...until they beat them.

LA-Monroe had "no chance" against Alabama...until they beat them.

I understand what you mean, but every game is a new game. You're only as good or bad as your previous play.

Is AUBIE the better team? Yes?
Does that mean a win? Who knows?

If Auburn barfs on themselves (like they tend to do) the Hogs have a great chance.


Do not under estimate TT. If they get an offense they are going to be tough. Their defense has been doing good. Firing Tony will get them fired up. If they posted his leaving on their site they do not have any scruples.

TT will show them he is still the coach.We need to understand their focus and we can beat them.
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