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Your luck will change!
If you're new, the system is pretty self explanatory. It works just like a 'Book in Vegas.

Pick your event, place your wager, and we go from there. You'll notice a "vig" on each bet ...again, if you're new.

A few lines haven't been published...I'll keep it updated as time allows.

Utah favored over Florida? Oh no... I'll take Florida right now.
Where does their offense come from? I've looked at this a few times and can't walk away from a few things. Let's start with QB play.

Last year Richardson wasn't that good. But the guy they brought in, Mertz? He brings fewer yards per game and a worse TD:INT ratio (19:10 last year.)

In the props for this season with Florida at a 5½ total? Put me down on the under.
So I'm not new but what does this mean vig?
From a Forbes article I've saved for the Resource section here.

Sportsbooks couch the vig in the odds they offer. You won’t find any “vig” section within a sportsbook app, as the betting odds listed for a match or game already include the vig.

Let’s say an evenly matched game is coming up where oddsmakers give each team a 50-50 shot to win. The odds on the game would be +100. In other words, a winning $100 bet would pay a $100 profit.

If you’ve spent time on a sports betting mobile app, you know this isn’t how most odds look. In an even matchup, sports betting sites will typically offer odds of around -110 on either team.

A $100 bet on those odds would pay out a $90.91 profit, leaving about 9% of your total bet with the sportsbook.

That 9% or $9.09 represents the sports book’s share and is essentially a surcharge for taking and processing your bet.
How about UTSA at Houston?
Back to an old refrain on my part. :unsure:

Recall...we moved to the cloud based server with the past six months or so ... leaving some of the programs/software we run either obsolete or outdated. The 'book was one. It forced the creator to update his part where he added a lot. There aren't a lot of sites running his 'book in our environment. So...some of this is a bit of a trial run.

As crazy as this is going to sound...

IF the update on the lines runs successfully, no.
IF the update on the lines doesn't run like I expect? Yes, I'll add it this week.
NM on UTSA-Houston. UTSA is now the favorite on most books. UTSA was going to be my Underdog Lock of the Week. Which usually goes to a home team underdog.
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