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With the Pruitt sucking it up against Georgia St. and Muschamp's Cock's getting beat..........How long do these guys have before being shown the door? I know it is only one game.........but neither team should have lost Saturday.

No matter how bare the cupboard was at UT before he got there, Pruitt should not be losing to a patsy for the opening of season 2. He used up those good graces last year. I don't think the folks in Knoxville expected to truly compete for the east this year, but they certainly didn't expect to get their asses handed to them by East Douchebag St. Ordinarily I would say, he has one more year, but with Phatimus Philbert as his AD, I would not be surprised if Jeremy gets fired mid-season and Phil takes over as interim. Who knows, will be interesting to see it play out.

Muschamp is hard to judge. USC is a little more tolerant (used to losing), than some of the better programs in the SEC. Either way, I think the seat is hotter in Knoxville simply based off the tradition and history. It's always odd to me. Some guys do really well transitioning to HC, some don't. I would have thought with the amount of time Will had with Saban that he would have been able to develop his HC prowess a little better.

With both guys possibly looking for employment in the future, where do they end up? You know any school in the SEC would love to have them as a DC.
i have said it since he started trying.... Muschamp is not head coach material. USC would do themselves a big favor by canning him now and starting with somebody else... anybody else.

I have maybe not enjoyed a loss any more than I enjoyed the tennersee loss to Georgia St saturday. it really capped off a good saturday. Pruitt entered a level 4 fecalstorm in Knoxvegas. I think their problems are systemic. Their outcome is still up in the air even for this season as they were at least competitive with Ga. St. withstanding 3 turnovers. One has to think that if they don't develop some sort of running game that is worth having, they are looking at a losing season. Guarantano isn't bad, but he isn't going to win a bunch of games on his own. UT defense not stopping that type of running game isn't unusual as Bama and other big teams have struggled with it also. It wouldn't suprise me if, after getting embarrassed in week 1, UT came out and won 7 games this season and went to a bowl.
UcheaT was horrific in 2008 when the great pumpkin got bounced. They were worse than that under Dooley. As bad as they were under him (and they were BAD) somehow, they were even worse than that in Butch's last season. As bad as that season was, somehow, things are worse now! Let that sink in for a moment. Dooley or Jones would have NEVER lost to Georgia State, even at their lowest points. It wouldn't shock me to see Kiffin back up there next year or the year after if things don't improve
I do not think the 10rc team is Pruitt's team. I think fatty has his greasy fat sausage fingers all over the program. I literally think they are headed for yet another implosion in knoxville. Since Kiff left in the middle of the night it has been like a seam of coal continually burning. I don't think Pruitt lasts the season. Think Pruitt would land on his feet as DC

SC got exactly what they knew they were getting with Mus. They will contend for a bowl most years. Now he has lost Bentley so he has an excuse

Unless a top 20 HC expressed interest I don't see a change in Columbia for at least 2 years. If Champ does leave it would be interesting to see where he would end up. Might go to NFL as DC

as always JMO
If the UT brass could get agreement on Hugh Freeze they would show Pruitt the door in a heart beat. Now I personally believe Freeze will struggle recruiting unless he can rely on the bank being open to recruits and/or their families.
IMO, Muschamp, could be let go at the end of the season. USCe is just not a very good football team and they are getting worse under WM. Factor in losing your starting QB and going with a true freshman, it could be a long year in Columbia.

Pruitt will hear a lot from ut fans but who are they going to hire that will come in and turn this thing around? Right nobody. The problem at ut since phat phil was let go is that the administration does not give anyone the chance to build a program. Dooley, Jones couldn't do it and now Pruitt is going to bear the burden with another bad team.
It's too early to tell. While everyone is ready to get rid of Pruitt and Muschamp, they forget that they have 11 more games they could win. If either team doesn't have a winning record by mid year, expect some changes.
I think they'll both make it thru this season but both may be in over their heads as a head coach. Coach Pruitt is probably in more danger than Muschamp.
I said when they hired Fatphil that he would hire acoach that had a great opportunity to fail....and he would take overthe program as head coach....
I think he will fire Pruitt mid season and take over as HC....
Maybe before Bama game.... we shall see
A loss to byu and its possible even more,....
Attendance at the stadium was announced as 80-85 K.......
It was more likely 65-70K....
Fans have had it...
If the UT brass could get agreement on Hugh Freeze they would show Pruitt the door in a heart beat. Now I personally believe Freeze will struggle recruiting unless he can rely on the bank being open to recruits and/or their families.

If this could only happen... That way Freeze can get in some more NCAA violations & UT can get in 1-2 bowl bans. This would make the Karma circle complete.
Before you fire your guy you better have a better guy moving in behind him. Who is out there to take these spots? USCe is a 7-5 team at best year after year if you take away the Head Ball Coach couple of really good years. JMO but Butch and his staff when sleazy on recruiting and they had a roster full of marginal characters to say the least. Both should get 2020 to present a better case for being the HC's at both schools.

The HC pool isn't that great and is getting worse.
I could honestly see Fat Phil stabbing Pruitt in the back by week 7 or 8 and then he take over to finish the season. If I was Jeremy, I would RUN from that fat ass and get off of that hill!!!

I think Muschamp will survive another year since the injury to Bentley is now a viable excuse for 6-8 weeks for why they haven't performed.
Rats are deserting the ship.

News broke Tuesday that Tennessee DB Terrell Bailey had entered his name into the NCAA transfer portal. On Wednesday’s weekly media teleconference, Volunteers head coach Jeremy Pruitt said Bailey has left the team and revealed another departure from the UT roster: WR Jordan Murphy.

Pruitt also talked about the performance of OL Trey Smith, the offensive line rotation and more:

  • On OL Trey Smith and how he held up: Trey played 31 snaps. Just like any football game, he got banged up. He could have played more, he has done well. We are sticking with the plan.
  • On DB Terell Bailey: He is no longer on our team. Jordan Murphy is no longer on our team. Several guys have chosen to leave.
  • On Jeremy Banks: I felt like he played hard. It was tough on the kid. When we moved him, he had a death in the family… he does have some recall from that time but he flies around and plays like you are supposed to play.
  • On the OL rotation: We have to do whatever it takes to win, we felt playing nine guys gave us the best chance. When you have competition and a few guys, you need to see them play to see which ones are the best.
  • On dealing with a loss this tough: If you coach long enough, every loss is the same. They don’t count for more than any other, right?… We have to go back and improve.
  • On his team in practice: we have had a really good fall camp, really good. There have been few days we haven’t improved. We have some guys that are playing for the first time… we have some guys that are gaining experience, they have worked hard the entire camp and they will continue to do that, that’s how we handle our business.
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