| FTBL Bryant Denny maintenance, renovations, and how Augusta National comes to mind.


If you've watched The Masters you've seen the Azaleas. If you're familiar with them, you know how they crave partial sun. One thing a lot of people don't consider about Augusta is how the grass stays as healthy, and green, as it does in those nooks and crannies. The ornamentals love the cool. The turf? Not so much.

In the same fashion as builders will heat floors, Augusta maintains the temperatures of the greens with a temperature controlled air system that runs underground. A late, hard freeze? The Bermuda is still ready to go in the spring.


There's work going on where they are installing a system that is similar to the one at Augusta. They want a healthy turf in the middle of December. The turf will still be getting its sun even though it is the last month of the year. But, they'll be able to maintain the soil temperature (warmer) and extend the growing season.
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