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I know we have debated which conference is the best I wanna know what you guys think. Myself I say the SEC,not because I am an Bama fan.The SECs Defenses are really damn good, now most of the offenses are fairly good giving the expection of Tenn, not beating on Tenn by no means. Now if you look at the big 12 they have great offenes but no defense.Texas might have a good defense but I would put up Bama any day against Texas Texas Tech OU OSU even Mizz
It is a mixed bag. In the SEC Tennessee, Auburn, South Carolina and Mississippi State have all had their offensive struggles this year, but all of these teams range from solid to very good on defense. Other than Arkansas, the other SEC schools are good defensively.

The Big 12 has a number of teams that have high octane offenses: Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech. Oklahoma State, Missouri and Kansas all made early season splashes by putting up a lot of points against weaker opponents. These teams, with the exceptions being Oklahoma State, Texas and Oklahoma, have been shown to be weak defensively. The bottom half of the Big 12 (Kansas State, Colorado, Iowa State, Nebraska, Baylor and Texas A & M) are definitely not as good as the bottom half of the SEC. The Big 12 right now has three unbeaten teams because the big boys have yet to play each other. At season's end they will have one unbeaten at most. I think the SEC is clearly better.
I can't help but think that if you ranked the teams in the SEC from 1 to 12, and did the same for the Big 12...then have #1 Big 12 vs. #1 SEC and so on, that the SEC would come out with a winning record.
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