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A Weird, Wild, Whacky, Week Three

A look back on a wild and whacky week 3 of the college football season must start with the team nearest and dearest to our hearts. Notre Dame! No, seriously. We'll get to that train wreck in a minute. Right now though let's recap what happened in our own back yard.

BAMA 41 Arkansas 38

What better game to start off with when talking about what a crazy week it's been in college football than the BAMA/Arkansas roller coaster ride at Bryant-Denny Theme Park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? What began early on looking like a lopsided blowout turned into a desperate last-minute race against the clock for a shot at a come from behind victory.

A fast and furious first quarter offensive barrage saw the Crimson Tide go up 21-0 against a seemingly bewildered and stunned bunch of Razorbacks. Arkansas quarterback Casey Dick was largely ineffective throwing the ball, while the dynamic duo of McFadden and Jones were kept largely in check. Things continued to go well for Saban's troops up until just before halftime when the BAMA defense bit a play-action fake hook, line and sinker, resulting in a 40-yard scoring strike for Arkansas. The momentum seemed to have changed in the game just ever so slightly.

The second half was not nearly as kind to BAMA due to several offensive misques that provided the Hogs offense with a short field to work with. Four touchdowns later the Hogs were out in front and in control of the game with time winding down. What began as a 21-0 first quarter lead turned into a 38-31 Arkansas advantage.

What occurred next was something Tide fans have not seen in quite some time; a fourth quarter comeback. Down 38-34 with less than 2 minutes left in the game the BAMA offense went to work behind John Parker Wilson and receiver Matt Caddell. The Tide marched down the field with Wilson connecting on 7 of 8 attempts and Caddell coming up huge several times during the drive. The biggest play of the game came as the combo hooked up one more time for a 4-yard touchdown with only 8 seconds left on the clock.

Kentucky 40 Louisville 34

Who was it exactly that told Louisville that they played in the WAC anyway? Okay, really they don't, but maybe they should. Any team with an offense capable of putting up 40 points and defense capable of giving up 50 shouldn't play in any conference west of the Mississippi. Just last week the Cardinals gave up 42 to Middle Tennessee, but won the game. This week that lack of a defense came back to bite them.

Mississippi State 19 Auburn 14

When was the last time you can recall seeing MSU with more wins that Auburn? The action started Saturday with the MSU defense. Bulldogs defensive back Derek Pegues stepped in front of a Brandon Cox pass and took it the other way for a 20-yard score, giving MSU an early 10-0 lead. The action also ended with the defense, as the Bulldogs stopped Auburn inside the 10 during the game's final moments.

Trouble abounds on the Plains these days and the team appears in complete disarray offensively. After benching Cox following his second interception of the first half the staff turned to Kodi Burns to pick up the pieces. Cox was then reinserted into the game late and the whole episode seems to show a complete lack of direction by Tommy Tubberville and his merry band of men. Chances are, things will get worse for Auburn in 2007 before they get better.

Florida 59 Tennessee 20

There was a lot of talk this week going into the game and a varying number of opinions as to how things would pan out. One the one hand people were talking up a possible Tennessee upset of the Gators, largely due to the Volunteer ground attack. The running game was supposed to suppliment the play of quarterback Eric Ainge and provide the Vols with enough points to win. On the other hand some folks suspected that Florida was just too talented and fast for the Volunteer defense.

The fact is, both teams have suspect defenses. Florida's isn't quite as bad as Tennessee's however. But until the Gators run into a team capable of matching them for 40-50 points they probably don't have a lot to worry about.

Michigan 38 Notre Dame 0

Who didn't see this woodshed treatment coming? As bad as Michigan has been the first couple of weeks of the season they are still about 60 poll positions better than the Irish. Much of Michigan's problem this year has been their inability to stop anyone's offense. That really wasn't a problem yesterday though since Notre Dame doesn't possess one. The Golden Dome, along with the Golden Boy managed an appalling 86 yards of total offense.

Conversly, Michigan tailback Michael Hart had a phenomenal game, running for 185 yards and two scores. He kinda had too though since he personally guaranteed the victory.

Utah 44 UCLA 6

Oh the horror! What the ham sandwich happened to that other team from Los Angeles this weekend? I thought they were supposed to be good or something? This is just more ammo for proponents of pre-season polls. UCLA went to the land of the mighty Mormons and got obliterated by the 0-2 Utah Utes. This marked the first time in 4 years that UCLA has not scored a touchdown in a game. Call me Dave Rowe, but the five turnovers may have had something to do with it.

These were the highlightes (or lowlights) of another wild and whacky week in college football. And as a BAMA fan I have to admit that I'm a little perplexed at the turns our game against Arkansas took last night, but I guess it all comes down to the bottom line doesn't it. BAMA is 3-0 on the young season. A season that has been just downright crazy so far. Michigan has gotten embarrassed nationally by Appalachian State. Notre Dame is 0-3 for the first time in recent memory. Lou Holtz continues to prove that ESPN is run by a bunch of morons. Auburn is about 3 minutes away from being winless on the season. Mississippi State is above .500 and top 25 teams continue to fall like dominoes. Through it all though, BAMA is 3-0. And that's all that matters today.
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