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Maligned BAMA Defense Comes Through at The End; BAMA Wins 27-24

If you had not witnessed the game and I were to show you the defensive box score from today you might walk away thinking that BAMA handled Ole Miss in Oxford and that the game wasn't even that close. Unfortunately for BAMA fans, that was not the case, as once again BAMA's "cardiac kids" managed to make things a lot more interesting than the average fan, or even the average head coach, really cares for.

While the 3 turnovers, 7 tackles for loss, and 4 sacks forced by the BAMA defense all sound like solid numbers on paper, the effect is quickly lost when you look at the overall picture of today's performance. The fact is, BAMA's defense spent most of the day getting pushed around the field by an average Ole Miss offensive attack. The pushing was occasionally punctuated by an occasional defensive effort, but the 418 yards of total offense generated by the Rebels speaks for itself. And while the Tide defense made an occasional play they really couldn't put together enough of them in a series to stop the Ole Miss offense. For every sack or tackle for loss that BAMA defenders made, Ole Miss would just follow it up with a huge play on against the BAMA defense on the next. Ole Miss' final drive of the game was nothing short of a microcosm of the way the day went for BAMA's defense. While BAMA would play well on one play and sack opposing quarterback Seth Adams, on the next they would surrender a huge chunk of yardage. Very often during the final drive (as well as for most of the day) a young Tide secondary would be found the culprit.

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