| FTBL Bama is Crushing the Buffaloes


There's still a lot of time left in the game, but Bama is kicking their butts and making them like it. Bama is looking like the team that trashed Tennessee, and came so close to beating LSU. They don't look like the team that lost to Miss State, La Monroe and Auburn.
WERE crushing the Buffs. It all started to take a turn when JPW threw an INT that was run back a ways and set Colorado up for a score. From there it was Buffs 14 BAMA 0.

Unfortunately I think it's going to be a far more interesting second half than we hoped for.
The question is...is John Parker Wilson's confidence shot? If so, I think we know the end result. :?

Will we be forced to run the entire 2nd half?

Recent history with JPW doesn't go in our favor once his head is out of the game.
It started when he was called for a BS intentional grounding call and got rattled. Applewhite really needs to learn that while JPW is his QB, you gotta be conservative in those situations. Having him try to force something downfield on 2nd and 20 while we are up 27-0 may be the mistake that costs us this game. :?
Lenny Kozlowski said:
I think Colo is bad enough that it doesnt matter!

It was oblivious to me that Bama has the physical advantage at almost every position from watching the first half. And the speed advantage Bama has is astonishing. I guess that’s what’s so frustrating about letting them climb back in it.
Lenny Kozlowski said:
I think Colo is bad enough that it doesnt matter!

Well, they beat Oklahoma that's all I know. Could have been pixie dust or an alignment of the planets but I'd wager that this game is far from over, especially with JP playing fast and loose with the ball. I don't feel good at all about the second half to be honest.
Like Randy said, this started with the bogus intentional grounding call. JPW got rattled, and he hasn't been the same guy since. Hopefully, the team will regroup and play a great second half.
lets not loose the faith. we can still come out in the second half and do like we did in the first quarter. lets not chalk this up as a L just yet. keep the faith. remember this is the last football game we will see them play until august or september. i think we'll be aight. :wink:
JPW looks like a deer in headlights right now. Just threw one 30 yards downfield to no one in particular and was almost intercepted on the sidelines, then throws a bullet to Caddell from about 3 yards away. Caddell drops it. Surpise surprise.

:( :( :( :(
Davey especially just hates us. It almost kills him to say anything good about us. So most of the time he just digs up the same old negitive arguments used in the press whenever possible.

I was very dissapointed to see that he was calling our game tonight. He hasn't surprised me in the least either. True to form all the way through.
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