| NEWS AP and Coaches polls released for week three.


el jefe
Bama Club
if it continues as is....there will be another uproar about how unfair the polls are. and if the cfp poll (or whatever they call it) is a mirror of the coaches poll, then there will ABSOLUTELY be an uproar.

again i say...

the bcs was unfair after BAMA vs LSU in 2012 (2011 season)...so let's have a playoff...
now, they playoff isn't working because of BAMA vs UGA in 2018 (2017 season)...so we need to expand the playoff picture

and if it stays the way it is...with 3 sec teams in the hunt...then there will be more screaming for it to go to 8 teams. of course if we did that, and it stays the way it is, that'll just put another sec team in the playoff picture.

tell me, again, how the SEC has become a weakened conference.....?
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