| FTBL anyone heard of eminart?

He doesn't sound like one of ours. No telling though. The Bama Nation gots its share of yahoos, believe it or not. Not all BAMA fans are as good as the ones on this site.
tigerinnebraska1 said:
He is posting videos of bama on clemson board???

I've seen him posting on tigernet2.com over the past few weeks and that limits my experience with him. Now, that isn't taking into consideration that this person uses a different screen name on Alabama forums and is using the eminart username over on the Clemson forums.

I'm familiar with another guy I've seen on tigernet2 as well...he's not a real popular guy around Alabama forums b/c of his track record on an LSU forum. But, I digress...

From what I've seen him posting on that Clemson forum, he seems to have been pretty respectful to you guys unless I've missed something. I posted over there a few times and it took just a few attempts at conversation to realize it was a crap shoot, given the day, to whether it would be a good conversation or one filled with some very delusional and uninformed opinions on the game.
Kc said:
I do not go to rival boards. :)

I said AMEN KC! :lol: I did until I went and stepped in tigersh** at tigerdroppings site. What a bunch of gober heads. :roll:

Although I will say that LSUFREAK has got to be one of the best fark's posters I've ever seen.
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