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Brandon Deaderick calls this season Alabama's revenge tour.

Here is a quote on it from JPW:

"We know that they've beat us the past two years, and it makes us mad, OK?" quarterback John Parker Wilson said. "We want to go out there and win the game to keep doing what we've done this season. We've just kind of had a bad taste in our mouth the last couple of years, them and Auburn."

and the link:

It Takes Eleven said:
Nice find, Altie.

As long as they're focused on the next game, "revenge", "business" or "process" all work fine for me.



Same here, Tim. Whatever it takes to motivate.
bamadezz said:
Glad to hear they plan on being a little fired up! I was honestly a little worried about the next two games.

Get em Tide!

Every game now has so much importance, a #1 ranking and possible gridiron glory rides on each minute of football played from here on out.

I am worried too and just hope the unthinkable doesn't happen during the last two regular season games.
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