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Roll Tide Rev

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Tonight playing basketball at his high school here in Georgia, Alabama WR Commitment Mike Bowman Shattered the backboard on a rebound dunk! :D

The game was postpone after only a few minutes of play. :lol:
Roll Tide Rev said:
HAHA I live in Fort O as well!

You a Ridgeland fan and did you make any games this year? Wondering if I know you! LOL!

NO sir! I'm a Lakeview boy! GO WARRIORS! :D

Lets see,you ever eat in East Ridge?
Pretty impressive. My alma mater is playing in the Ridgeland Tournament. Chattanooga Christian. I almost went to a game to check out Bowman.

And this topic title scared the sh!t outta me, I thought he shattered his ankle or something. Whew. Scary.
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