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-Overall he was pleased with the game. He liked the effort and intensity. Still some execution problems and things that need to be improved on. Scored a lot in the redzone, but made mistakes down there that prevented TD's, those have to be corrected.

-Gave up a few too many big plays on defense, some because of missed tackles and some on mental errors. They managed the game pretty well, tackled decently for the most part, but didn't handle the quick snaps well out of the no huddle offense. They need to improve on 3rd downs, and while they got 2 takeaways, there were opportunities to get more.

-On special teams, the return game was pretty good. They need to improve in some coverage areas and in FG protection and consistency.

-Terry Grant was named the SEC Freshman Player of the Week.

-The BAMA coaching staff named Terry Grant and Antonie Caldwell the offensive players of the week... Darren Mustin and Zeke Knight the defensive players of the week... and Javier Arenas and Rashad Johnson the special teams players of the week.

-There are no significant injuries to report.

-Keith Brown and Prince Hall are both off suspension and will compete for playing time.


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MarshalTide said:
I'm curious to see if Hall regains his starting position too...

There seems to be some confusion about this...

McLain had won the starting role. It's not a point of regaining the starting role, it's a point of winning it. I suspect we'll see Hall get some PT, how much is the question.


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If Prince Hall is as good an athlete as we thought he was a year ago (and he couldn't have done as well as he did oherwise) and he has learned what coach NS wanted him to learn he will get significant PT. McLain is awesome so far, but there is no disputing the advantage of fresh legs, especially fresh legs with talent.
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