| RECRUIT 2024 Transfer Portal Thread - Spring portal opens April 16th

Brandon Van de Graaff

A defensive deity, inventor of the Concussion.
Transfer season is almost upon us... The 30 day window opens on December 4th (all players in the college football playoffs have an extra 5 day window added in January). The 2nd window (15 days) opens in April (16th-30th).

You guys can add any a names you want, I'll probably stick with players that I think are worth keeping an eye on (like Evan Stewart).
There will be a lot of players reach out to Bama and Bama will reach out to a lot of them... he's one that I feel sure some communication will be shared... doesn't mean he will end up at at UA. He would be on the radar IMO, especially if McLaughlin were to leave.
He might be able to beat him out for the starting job, Seth's definitely had issues this year. Maybe he cleans them up, maybe he doesn't but some competition at that spot might help.

He was high on Ole Miss before, mismanaged at Arkansas would be interested to see if he'd be worth a pick-up with all the eligibility left we could mold him still.

There's a million dudes entering portal this year again.
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