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The UTEP game in October will not happen. It is rumored that we will play Clemson at a universal site (possibly Atlanta)

I wish they could do a home and home with Clemson with us playing them at home next year. It would go a long ways in making up for a sucky season of home games. The only big game at home will be Auburn. I have often stated I wish they would shift some of the bigger opponents in order to allow us to have a couple of big games every season at home. Look at who we have at home this year Arky, UGA, LSU, UT. Next year those are all road games. I think what would be good is in 2 years when we trade in Georgia and pick up SC we need to rotate it so that we have them on the "off" year to give us another good home game during that off year.

08/30 Western Kentucky
09/06 Tulane
09/20 at Arkansas
09/27 at Georgia
10/04 Kentucky
10/11 UTEP
10/18 Ole Miss
10/25 at Tennessee
11/01 Northern Illinois
11/08 Mississippi State
11/15 at LSU
11/29 Auburn

A bye week after the second game and another before the Auburn game.

Chime in with your thoughts below.


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RollTideinGA said:
Thanks, I read that the Clemson game might be 9/13 here in the ATL. That would be good for me. Hopefully!

I like soem of the "easy" games to take my kids to.
They actually are pushing for it to be played the Sat of 8/30 in the dome. I think they are trying to move WKU to the Utep spot.
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