| BSB/SB šŸ„Ž WCWS 2022~ #6 seeded Alabama to host Regionals: Stanford, Chattanooga, and Murray State join the Tide.


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The Duke is an interesting one. In case you missed it, Duke did run rule Georgia in the middle of May.

There's a good chance we'll see A&M face the Sooners. That idea leaves me shaking my head a bit, smirk and all. Whew.

Arizona State might want to keep an eye on LSU never knowing which team is going to show up. Not hosting a regional, at least, has to be a craw ...

Kentucky in Blacksburg: they can be a pretty good team at times.

Odds are, Bama facing Tennessee in the Supers.

SITES/PAIRINGS (*Indicates Host Institution, SEC teams in bold):

Norman Regional - at Norman, Oklahoma

No. 1 seed Oklahoma* (49-2) vs. Prairie View A&M (20-28)
Texas A&M (29-26) vs. Minnesota (26-24-1)

Tempe Regional - at Tempe, Arizona
No. 8 seed Arizona State* (39-9) vs. Cal State Fullerton (36-20)
LSU (34-21) vs. San Diego State (37-14)

Los Angeles Regional - at Los Angeles, California
No. 5 seed UCLA* (43-8) vs. Grand Canyon (38-14)
Ole Miss (39-17) vs. Loyola Marymount University (36-15)

Durham Regional - at Durham, North Carolina
No. 12 seed Duke* (41-8) vs. UMBC (31-10)
Georgia (40-16) vs. Liberty (43-16)

Fayetteville Regional - at Fayetteville, Arkansas
No. 4 seed Arkansas* (44-9) vs. Princeton (27-15-2)
Oregon (31-17) vs. Wichita State (33-16)

Blacksburg Regional - at Blacksburg, Virginia
No. 3 seed Virginia Tech* (41-7) vs. Saint Francis (Pa.) (37-16)
Kentucky (35-17) vs. Miami (OH) (39-15-1)

Gainesville Regional - at Gainesville, Florida
No. 14 seed Florida* (43-16) vs. Canisius (32-16)
Georgia Tech (37-16) vs. Wisconsin (28-19)

Knoxville Regional - at Knoxville, Tennessee
No. 11 seed Tennessee* (39-16) vs. Campbell (37-17)
Ohio State (35-15) vs. Oregon State (33-19)

Tuscaloosa Regional - at Tuscaloosa, Alabama
No. 6 seed Alabama* (41-11) vs. Chattanooga (29-25)
Stanford (36-19) vs. Murray State (40-16-1)

Clemson Regional - at Clemson, South Carolina
No. 10 seed Clemson* (39-15) vs. UNC Wilmington (32-13)
Auburn (39-15) vs. Louisiana (45-11)

Columbia Regional - at Columbia, Missouri
No. 15 seed Missouri* (36-20) vs. Missouri State (27-18)
Illinois (34-20) vs. Arizona (33-20)

Tallahassee Regional - at Tallahassee, Florida
No. 2 seed Florida St.* (52-5) vs. Howard (31-22)
Mississippi State (33-24) vs. South Florida (44-14)
Stanford is going to be a tough out for Bama. Split two games at seventh seed Oklahoma State and two games with MO at Columbia. Won series with #5 UCLA and #8 Arizona State.


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Those were the colors for the Southeast All American team. Trust me she (nor I) picked those horrible colors. My daughter wears Bama softball shirts almost every single day and the one day she gets to hit with those 2 she somehow didn't. Keep in mind we didn't know they were going to be there. On Monday she got to hit with Jin Sileo and Grace Connelly of Georgia Tech.


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Stanford is going to be a tough out for Bama. Split two games at seventh seed Oklahoma State and two games with MO at Columbia. Won series with #5 UCLA and #8 Arizona State.
They're the west coast version of LSU in that their schizophrenic.

<channels Paul Harvey>
And here's the rest of the story. They "won series with UCLA" then lost the series to Cal followed by winning the series with AZ State then getting swept by Washington.

Continuing comparison's ...

I'm cautiously optimistic Bama can make it through the weekend without taking a loss. It's a taller order this season than any I can recently remember. Vawter is a good pitcher but I like what Salter brings...to me, the second pitcher in rotation is the focus of the series.

... ā˜ šŸ§š šŸŽ¼ ... if they could get a few games out of Lexi ...


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As for the Murray State bus accident, I was told a log from a log truck came through the windshield of their bus as they were traveling down the highway. Everyone is luckily okay and will be fine to play in the regional. The ones that went to the hospital were just treated for scratches.
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