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If George Tech played Texas or Oklahoma. GT helmet would have 1939,43,44,52,51. OK? help me out on this one It showing Miss. St having and SECC ? Was this because of a Florida forfeit?


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Wouldn't be surprised if Virginia hangs another loss on UNC. The kid at QB for the Cavs (Armstrong) is pretty good. Howell is a good QB too but he lost all of his weapons from last year. Think they may have overrated UNC with the rankings this year.


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I've caught at least three, maybe four, of the College Football Live podcasts this week as well as a few others. Everyone of these have discussed Auburn's game; specifically Nix and hit INT's on the road.

What caught my attention this morning after hearing Galloway talk about hearing calls in the "White Out" environment was what I didn't hear mentioned. Recall, last year when Nix was tossing all of these INT's he wasn't having to fight crowd noise. I guess they're assuming all the listeners would automatically remember how road environments last season were docile. 🤷‍♂️

That seems like a pretty big thing to just assume.
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