| RECRUIT How would you feel about Arch Manning in Crimson?


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I still can't get over the day Sorenson shows up at our Grand Slammers table (outside of right field at the old picnic tables) wearing a bow tie.

To a baseball game. When it's 90+ outside. A bow tie....
It is always the academics that start the football program on a downward path with their selections.

The selection of Bill Curry (great person) over Coach Bowden (great football coach) was bad.


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Side note territory here but I'll be borderline shocked of Lane Kiffin is still at Ole Miss to start the 2023 season.

2 years ...2 more seasons.....wow...

i thought Ole Ms n LK were made for each other....maybe not.?
As I understand this, he had one living in his house in Florida, and another at his residence in Oxford, and a third pissed off about it all. One of the two mentioned earlier refusing to leave.

He isn't happy in Oxford.


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He comes to visit and it the game with his Granddaddy and Uncle school!!! I'm thinking this is telling Bama something?
Odds are Bama is going to have to put up points to beat Ole Miss: probably see their final score as one of the highest Bama's seen this year come the end of the season. I'd be shocked to see Alabama keep them under 400 yards.

What better game for a QB to see an offense and how it runs than a game like this one?
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