| FTBL How loud will Jimbo squeal over Saban’s latest NIL comments?


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Reasons players select a college

School has a great tradition and facilities. Great stadium and the fans support the program.

Head coach and staff are elite and win at a very high level. Play in a great conference and the level of play and staff will get them prepared to be a high draft choice if they actually have NFL ability.

NIL money was really good

School has open slots on the roster and playing time is a given from day one.

Assign the order to which you believe TODAY's player view each


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Ahahahahaha, Jimbo is wound tighter than a snare drum. With the payroll he's got and the expectations on him, you knew he'd break before he met those expectations. He didn't even make it to Fall Camp with the class he paid for before he blew up. Even Harsin has to be enjoying this meltdown. To me, he did a better job with Auburn and the shit he's had to deal with than the red carpet and endless amenities Jimbo has had and how he handles himself.


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I want the score ran up on them so bad that Jimbo makes an ass out of himself at midfield for the handshake.

Oh ....those tickets for A$M game gonna be great.....
Usually abundant around the stadium....bet not this year..

Jimbo looks "bedraggled ".....
NS just saying...right or wrong....others know and aint got the balls to say...

Except Kiffin


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Jimbo kept trying to turn the attention to 17 year olds. He’s trying to deflect and distract. I didn’t hear CNS say anything about players breaking the law, as Jimbo rants on and on about. Maybe I missed some of coach’s comments. Jimbo didn’t address the actual comments that CNS made that he signed that class by paying them or in essence lining up huge sponsorship deals for each one. He just got mad and used distraction. Lousy tactic. Lousy couch.

I wish Kiffin would speak up to back up CNS as Jimbo took shots at his former assistants. A few others speaking up would also be nice. We’ll see if it happens.


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Another thought on Jimbo’s rant. If he truly isn’t afraid of confrontation, why doesn’t he answer the phone (when CNS has called)? He admits to avoiding confrontation right there while he says he never avoids confrontation.


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Sanders just had to drop the race card. If he, the boosters and/or the school didn’t pay Hunter to play then say so and demonstrate it with facts. Making it about race will deflect attention away from the facts and Sanders knows that. He’s seen it done successfully for a long time. What he and so many others refuse to see is the NIL wasn’t thought out. And like all knee jerk reactions to feel good ideas, the unintended consequences will cause far more harm than good.
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