| FTBL Gator Tail on the Menu This Weekend?


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I kinda dropped the ball last weekend for the menu on the Mercer game... didn't cook anything and ended up with BWW. Still no complaints though. :)
So what is everyone going with this weekend? I believe the weather is not going to cooperate with me to fire up the grill so I'm going with a big pan of homemade Lasagna and fixings (Caesar's Salad and Garlic Bread).
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I have an odd weekend. During the season, I'm typically either at the game or in my living room. Traveling to SC to meet up with middle son for his birthday since it'll be the closest place he plays this month. We'll eat out, I think my wife has picked a spot already.


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Holy crap, I cannot believe I didn't think of this sooner. I actually have some gator meat from our gator hunt a couple weekends ago. What a time to fry it up!!! Gah lee, thanks for triggering my mind on this.

8'3" and 130lbs. for anyone interested. He was a fighter.


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Alligator cake from a few years back

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